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Diagonsis & Survey Services.

The use of surveys is common in this day and age and has been identified as an effective way of gaining valid information. We have tools that we use to maximize our efforts in this area and a team of specialized consultants has developed particular skills in the collation and analysis of information captured in this way.

Our questionnaires and surveys are always preceded by focus group sessions which are small sample group discussions that enable us to pinpoint exact issues within a larger subject, in order to provide our clients with qualitative data relating to employees and customers.

Our surveys capture various forms of information. In the past, we have conducted Employee Attitude Surveys, Customer Satisfaction  Surveys, and Patients Satisfaction  Stakeholder Surveys.

They are extremely effective ways of:

  • Gaining feedback from major stakeholders attached to the organization
  • Monitoring and measuring the effects of any recent changes on the behavior, culture, and attitude of those within and associated with the organization