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Outsourcing Services.

Outsourcing Services is a unit that is charged with meeting growing needs of Organizations in attracting, recruiting, managing and retaining qualified personnel in their workforce while focusing on their core operations.

We are convinced that our services will be of immense benefit to your organization/company. Our goal is to assist you in providing competent support service personnel within the shortest possible time and managing them at competitive rates.

Our services are specially designed to ensure your organization benefit in terms of:

            Increased productivity i.e., better performing employees

            Reduced Cost i.e., Overhead cost, worker compensation cost

            Reduced time in recruitment circle cycle

            Personnel can have pension facility

            Personnel can have medical (HMO) facility

            Drivers are trained in defensive driving

            Drivers are provided with uniforms (clients’ specification)

            Personnel are vetted (Optional)

Recruitment and specialized training. Our very rich database guarantees you reduced recruitment time. We have an up to-date/robust recruitment process with a wide range of qualified personnel to choose from in a wide range of categories, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Human Resources Personnel                         
  • Receptionists/ Front desk personnel             
  • Operations Assistants                                    
  • Cleaners/Room service/Laundry                   
  • Dispatch Riders, and many more
  • Secretaries
  • Call center personnel
  • Security supervisors
  • Drivers

Our value propositions include the following:

  • Efficient payroll, welfare, discipline and leave administration: You can be rest assured that we will efficiently and effectively manage the affairs of the outsourced employees in such a way that would make them concentrate fully on their job.
  • Safety: As a part of our induction, our employees are trained on general safety precautions which they must comply with, as well as safety policies as stipulated at our clients’ premises.
  • Confidentiality: our employees undertake not to disclose to any person whatsoever during or after termination of the contract any confidential information relating to clients business or trade secrets which we may obtain in the course of our services, except with prior written consent of the client. Our employment practices complies strictly with Nigerian Labour Laws and standards established by the fundamental Human Rights. 
  • Staff Placement/Management: We shall work with you to establish performance monitoring and quality assurance benchmarks once a personnel is placed. This will involve establishing appropriate procedures and systems for tracking performance and providing regular management reports.
  • Regular supervisory visits: We assign supervisors, who pay regular supervisory visits to clients’ locations to get feedback from our employees as well as from our clients to monitor performance, client satisfaction and for prompt resolution of conflict when necessary.
  • Management reporting: We shall from time to time brief you on the state of the engagement through regular reports.
  • Accelerated placement: We recognize the need for speed in filling your support staff vacancies and our goal is to be able to meet your requirements within the shortest possible time, without compromising quality or competence.
  • Fully screened candidates: All candidates to be presented by Halogen Outsourcing Services unit undergo a rigorous

screening process designed to carefully match candidate capabilities to your organization specific needs.

  • Reasonable fee: Our Administrative charge is all inclusive and very reasonable.